Tony Aquila the founder of Solera gave me the opportunity to build his brand from the start, up. He also asked that I work with him one to one. You could say it worked very well. He sold the company for 6.5B.
Fortune needed to reach a very remote clientele that is driven to work hard and play harder. By surprising viewers with playful lines at that crossover moment. We increased subscription rates by 13%.
While most viewing this will find the brand identity and site clean and corporate. John saw it different. "I love that it is so avant-garde for a law firm" -John Shackelford
McDonalds needed customizable sports sponsorship concepts that could run in all their local markets. We came up with something that ended up going national and international.
BMW had to move from enthusiast pubs to digital content on a limited budget. The Xplor platform allowed BMW to leverage its budget & build a content library.
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