Tony Aquila the founder of Solera gave me the opportunity to build his brand from the start, up. He also asked that I work with him one to one. You could say it worked very well. He sold the company for 6.5B.
Just before the kickoff of the regular season Ford signed a contract to be the official truck of the NFL. They needed broadcast & OOH for all of the stadiums. Sometimes the fastest projects turn out the best.
McDonalds needed outdoor that visualized the new tag line "I'm loving it" By combining the iconic menu items with the universal symbol of love. What started as a US market assignment went global.
Optique eyewear was facing a sales slump due to advances in eye care surgery as well as inexpensive disposable soft contacts. This product centric branding campaign demonstrated that eyewear was more than prescriptions, they were iconic fashion statements.
Partnership for a drug free America approached us asking for a campaign with real people and a positive message not a "scare tactic". We worked with O&M to develop "My anti-drug". The campaign celebrated real user generated stories about kids who chose a chose a different high.
BMW wanted to enter the saturated riders apparel market. They knew they had to stand out and to do that they wanted to "Demonstrate the superior technology". We knew showing a rider riding on a snowy or rainy road wouldn't cut it. We opted for an unusual product demos. To say they worked would be an under statement. Sales surpassed their original goal by 37%.
Harley-Davidson was having too much success. They had a waiting list of up to a year for a motorcycle and the showroom was empty. Sounds great. But how do retailers pay the bills. They had to sell the lifestyle to the weekend rebel. So we made Harley apparel a fashion destination by rebelling against the establishment. The mall.
Kodak was the official sponsor of the olympics. They had an easy request. "Make attendees want to take a pictures further Oh...and we also need something for the busses so that each division will know which bus is theirs without having to find a number." We are proud to say we did both in one shot. The Kodak busses where actually stopped and photographed by attendees. Not to mention they went on to win every award imaginable.
The Heretic packaging for id software was the first packaging I had ever done. The Mortal Kombat posters and print ads have been in every design awards book.
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