Tony Aquila the founder of Solera gave me the opportunity to build his brand from the start, up. He also asked that I work with him one to one. You could say it worked very well. He sold the company for 6.5B.
Taco Bell needed to link the brand & store experience & share the Live Mas lifestyle across digital platforms. “We want you to be bold & break the rules. That's "Live Mas". Just make sure it’s iconic enough that only we could do it.” Here is what was served up that is being activated in test markets.
Hydra pool protection is a branded pool insurance program not unlike Homeshield it was specifically created for pools.
While most viewing this will find the brand identity and site clean and corporate. John saw it different. "I love that it is so avant-garde for a law firm" -John Shackelford
In 2012 I was contacted by Mitt Romney's campaign manager Stuart Stevens & asked if I would like to present ideas for Mitt Romney's presidential identity. I was told that only the winning design would be awarded the contract. It wasn't a huge amount but what I learned about business and politics in those nine months was invaluable.
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