Tony Aquila the founder of Solera gave me the opportunity to build his brand from the start, up. He also asked that I work with him one to one. You could say it worked very well. He sold the company for 6.5B.
Aldi had an existing campaign called "Like Brands. Love prices" We wrote about 12 of them for 2017.
Mercedes is the one brand that people feel the same about around the world. They fall in love with every new model they make. Here's how we captured that emotion around the world in 30 seconds.
The "I'm lovin it" tagline was well established globally. So how do you advance the it? We found a simple human truth that we all love some things too much to let them go. Even for someone we love.
What is Miller time and how do you define it? For most a good time is that night they all went out & had such a good time everyone earned nicknames That's not just a good time, that's Miller time.
After coining the phrase e-business and the e-logo that looked like an @ sign. We launched "The future of E-business" campaign. After airing it was quickly featured on CNBC as well as winning a CANNES Lion & two gold EFFIE’s.
With only two weeks to concept shoot, edit and deliver. We delivered in a huge way since it was the highest tested spot for recall during the holiday season.
The Hatterys were created to lure other telecomunications users with a relateable word of mouth campaign. Since consumers will only switch or add a features after asking other users if they like the service. We created the episodic adventures of the Hatterys.
The premise for McDonalds biggest fan starring Donald Driver was simple. For an athlete to lose millions of loving fans everyday it becomes impossible to let go.
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