By documenting real BMW riders from El Paso Texas to Las Vegas Nevada. The Xplor platform provided riders a way to share the best things about a ride.  Like America's best "hole in the wall" taco joint according to Bon Appetit, El Taco Tote.
The Xplor platform started with this line "I'm from Mars, she's from Venus. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to explore earth."
We know a great place for Mexican. Mexico. This line spoke to the Xplor mindset of the BMW riders.
No one ever quit their job, bailed on their girlfriend and traveled halfway around the world in search of the perfect bowling alley.
In the halls of BMW it was common for new employees to be shocked that BMW made motorcycles. The Motorcycle group was the redheaded step child to automotive. We couldn't resist doing a poster that spoke to the competition between the groups. 
"I never knew BMW made cars unti I passed one."

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